Physical Properties of Taramellite

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1 Physical
1.1 Mohs Hardness
1.2 Luster
Vitreous Resinous
1.3 Cleavage
poor/indistinct on {023}
1.4 Fracture
Not Available
1.5 Streak
1.6 Bulk Density
Physical Proper..
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Physical Properties of Kurilite
1.7 Tenacity
Slightly sectile

Taramellite Luster

A naturally occurring compound, mineral is usually found in the crystalline form. Minerals can be described with the help of various physical properties and further can also be classified on the basis of their chemical and atomic structures. Physical Properties of Taramellite gives us detailed information about its Color, Fracture, Density, etc. The Mohs hardness for this mineral is 5.5. The aspects related to the crystal are essential in the study of minerals. It is interesting to how a mineral is named and where was it first originated, find more about Facts of Taramellite. Taramellite Luster is another important aspect of minerals. This mineral has a Luster which is Vitreous Resinous. The bulk density of this mineral is 3.84.

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