Optical Properties of Tinnunculite

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1 Optical
1.1 Photoelectric
Optical Propert..
0.28 barns/electron
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Optical Properties of Hartite
1.2 Radioactivity
No Common Minerals Minerals has it !
1.2.1 GRapi
Optical Propert..
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Optical Properties of Abelsonite
1.3 By Intensity
3.21(1), 1.608(0.3), 4.24(0.2
1.4 Specific Gravity
Optical Propert..
Rank: N/A (Overall)
Optical Properties of Kurilite
1.5 Diaphaneity
Transparent to Translucent
1.6 Luminescence
Not Available
1.7 Birefringence
1.8 Pleochroism
Not Available

Tinnunculite Specific Gravity

The different colors in minerals are due to the way light interacts with certain atoms or a group of atoms that are present in the minerals. Optical Properties of Tinnunculite gives us information about mineral properties like photoelectricity, radioactivity, luminescence and also about the Atomic Structure of Tinnunculite. Tinnunculite Specific Gravity is a measurement that determines the density of minerals. For Tinnunculite the value of specific gravity is 1.57. Also, this mineral is radioactive as the value of GRapi is 0.00.

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