Types of Minerals


What are Minerals?

What are Minerals? Minerals are solid substances present in nature which are made up of one or more elements combined together. They have a crystalline structure. The most common types of minerals in the earth's crust are silicates, quartz, feldspar, etc. All the minerals have a chemical formula which represents its chemical composition. We can compare minerals based on the various properties. We use minerals in our day-to-day life, the salt that we add to our food or the tablets we take are composed up of minerals. Many industries are consumers of minerals to make mineral based commodities. Organic Minerals gives you a list of minerals, which tell us how mineral occur in its most natural form and how it was first found and how was it named. Keep reading more to find out all the properties of minerals!

Properties of Minerals

Minerals are characterized by different properties which are used by mineralogists to help determine the aspects related to minerals. The various properties of minerals are physical, chemical, optical, and atomic properties. The color of the mineral, its streak, cleavage, fracture,etc. are some of the physical aspects of a mineral. The optical aspects related to a mineral are its luminescence and pleochroism. You can also find more about its properties to know about its chemical composition. Minerals thus can be classified according to similar characteristics. Many mineralogists compare minerals to consider these properties for mineral identification.

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